Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost is a very challenging game that you can play here. If you enjoy this title, you are sure to love the Vex series as these games share man similarities. You are going to be a stickman running and jumping to reach the finish. It is hard to become the winner because there are so many hazardous obstacles in the race. Why don’t you begin the first race at once?

It is a one-player online game. Here at free online Games kizi, there are 2 modes: online save mode and local save mode. You have to complete all stages. Control the stickman carefully to solve all difficulties. Collect stars to get great achievements. Horrible challenges can prevent you from going ahead. Don’t be nervous!

Be strong! Jump over towering cliffs and deadly spike boards. The rough road is full of danger. You will have to fight alone. Use double jump to overcome high fences. Sometimes you should sit down and roll in order to get through dark tunnels. If you fall down or touch poisonous spikes, you will lose your life. Replay immediately to start a new turn.

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Instruction to play

W or up arrow to jump

AD or left/right arrow to move left and right

S or down arrow to crouch