Furtive Dao

If you have a lot of free time. Join the Furtive Dao online game. You will have more house cleaning skills and not feel bored when you have to do it alone. You will have more feelings and do fun things together. The bear's house is old, everything inside is messy. Roof tiles leak and break. Are you willing to help the bear clean and re-clean his house?

We'll be ready to play now. You are completely capable of getting started and everything is as perfect as possible. The work is very simple and attractive. You can do it and raise funds to help some other loving homes for them to have a better life. You will work very quickly to collect more gold coins. Try to play and create a lot of chances. Your job is to work hard.

Join now the online game Furtive Dao. Accept all difficulties to join with friends in useful work. Do you want to continue this journey of love? The bears need your help. Get to work now. Join the game to earn a certain amount of money then fix the roof tiles, clean the glass and replace the items in this loving house. You need to jump very high to overcome obstacles and get lucky gold coins. We'll start quickly and finish efficiently.

Fun gameplay, rich gameplay, easy gameplay, and eye-catching graphics will give people a lot of positive experiences. Great chance for you to join some other games like Join & Strike

Instruction to play

Use a mouse to play the game or touch the screen.