Gummy Bears Mover

Match 3 or more bears of the same color near each other to collect them together. There are many different bear images, there are many colors in the game Gummy Bears Mover at Kizi strategy games. Their positions are in disarray. Do you find it difficult to move? The game is asking for time again. You can't choose if you are slow then you will end the game at any time.

Try to get yourself some of the points the game requires in this short amount of time. Move all the bears dragging them horizontally or vertically to help collect as many bears as possible. Will luck smile on you in this game? This is a game that requires high intelligence. Therefore, you need to be certain to be able to perform this task. Don't miss any of the bears. Try to collect as many bears as possible to help you get the right score according to the game requirements.

Move your rows horizontally and vertically to arrange them as neatly as possible. 3 or more colorful bears. Do whatever you want and create your own. This is a very entertaining game that can use your smart brain. Try to see how many levels you can pass the game with your high score? You can completely unlock countless more consequences in the back that are still waiting for you.

Quickly invite your friends to join this game Gummy Bears Mover to share experiences. Collect as many colorful bears as possible in an extremely relaxing game genre. You can discover more colorful bears in a few other similar games like Christmas Puzzle

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to conquer countless interesting missions.