Bus Subway Runner

If you love exploration and adventure games. Join us in the online game Bus Subway Runner at kızı games. Ready to start the most novelty. A great game that trains you to run fast and jump high. Let's start it all together today. Do you know what happened in this beautiful city?

All this boy wants to do is ride his new skateboard around his home city. Then a mean cop tried to arrest him. Can you help him escape the clutches of the cranky cop in this online action game? You will fall in love with it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? You will find it very fun and engaging. We will start with simple things. You will run fast on the city roads.

The original roads do not have many cars, you will run and walk at the same time. But the further you go, the more crowded the roads start to get. You will have to avoid those obstacles, if you collide you will stop the game. Enjoy the fun right away when you join the online game Bus Subway Runner. You will run fast to get new skateboards, and rockets to soar high. You need to speed up and dodge all the traffic on the road.

Vivid graphic design, you will conquer all the challenges. Refreshing, passionate, and extremely attractive. You will run and collect a lot of gold coins to become rich. Try to choose the right vehicle at the right time so as not to be caught by the difficult policeman. Very attractive game. Invite friends to join some other games similar to Reach the Platform.

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys.