A game with an extremely new and interesting genre has just been released Wire at kizi 2 player games. Would you like to start the challenge now? This is an extremely difficult challenge that you just need to skim to stop the game. Don't worry, get started now! You will fill in a white string. First, you need to balance this rope so it can move. Then put that forward.

There will be countless black obstacles that are blocking your way. You can only go over the white blocks. But the difficulty is that the white blocks are few. Black blocks are appearing everywhere. How can you move safely in this place? You need to observe very well.

Control the balance rope so you can follow your control properly. Ingenious as possible to safely cross the obstacles. If you are unlucky to touch the black obstacles, you will have to end the game. Challenge your skills to the game to train yourself. Bring the rope to safety destination that's what you need to do. Try to bring yourself a high score. Take advantage of all the skills you have to fight these black blocks together.

Allow yourself to participate in some of the following levels to experience more of the game Wire. I wish you have more fun in the game. Please share this game with your friends. Invite your friends to join now on the game to challenge the difficulties with the smart rope. It's great if you challenge yourself to some other interesting game genres like Flip Bottle and HelloKids Coloring Time 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to keep the balance for the rope.