Zombie Runner

Zombie Runner is another fun endless runner game at Kizi games escape. However, instead of running, you will walk or jog. You go to a new land and while discovering it, you find that this land is full of zombies. You have no way to turn back but move forward. The deeper you go into this land, the more zombies appear. What you need to do to stay alive is avoid them.

Sadly, you can’t kill them even if you’re holding a bat. Yes, don’t try to approach them and use your bad because it just ends up with a bad ending. Manage to avoid them at all costs by moving to the left and right. Come close to zombies and you die. Don’t bet your life. Unlike other endless runner games where your achievement is how much time you survive or how many meters you can run and so on.

Here at https://kizigames.games/, your score is the number of cups that you can collect. So, even if you can survive for a long time but you haven’t collected any cups, you have nothing to show off to the world that you are one of the best runners; therefore, while avoiding zombies, manage to collect as many cups as you can, then collect more cups in next time you play than the previous times. A record is created to break. So, try hard to reach a new milestone of score every time you play.

This is a simple but fun game that can give you great gaming time. Kids can even enjoy it as well. If you want to play a game that is more intense or full of action, you always know that you can find something that meets your requirements on our site. Look for them or check out the following options: Rubek and Yoyo Hero 3D

Instruction to play