Vex 7

Vex 7 is a task online game with a distinctive personality. The levels in this game at kizi com Games play are segmented into acts, each of them is more incredibly hard than the one before it, as new specifications and elements have always been added, but the fun enhances all at once.

Keep moving, jump, slide, and wall climb using WASD or the ARROWS as you move through into the platformed peaks, collecting coins, wanting to avoid traps and dangers, and actually trying to complete each curriculum as quickly as possible since you're timed.

Also with coins you earn, you can consider purchasing a bunch of alternative skins for someone stickman avatar. You can also input the special tower mode, which increases the challenge in an endless duration but makes it possible you to generate a wide range of brand-new skins. Enjoy!

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Instruction to play

Use the Arow keys or the WASD to play.