Rope Slash

The new game from Kizi called Rope Slash is more of an updated combination of bowling and interactive games than a simple game in the puzzle genre. You will be enjoying the joy of rolling a ball toward pins while making sure that the ropes are cut to make the pins fall. Only cutting the designated ropes at the perfect timing will you be able to successfully smash the standing cans. The rule is that you will have to make all the cans fall to move onto the next stages.

One missed can might be the reason for you to replay the stage. The speed and the timing of your cutting movement shall be the two most important elements in deciding the result of your level. The higher levels require more techniques and skills to kick off the cans in one turn, therefore, keep updating your skills as you progress through the game at kizi free online games Once you reach the high-level set, there will be more to affect the results of your performance such as the momentum, wind speed, direction of the ball, and the length of the rope.

Don't consider the movement for too long because once the ball stops swinging, the momentum for it to move the cans will be lost. Make sure that you cut the strings will the ball is still in motion to take advantage of the moving force. Keep an eye out for the double strings that hold the larger ball. Pick one to cut first and use the remaining as a supportive string. Be creative when coming up with a solution for cutting strings as well as making use of the ropes.

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Instruction to play

Slash the ropes using the left mouse button.