Deadly Hunter

Predators are imprisoning all of your friends. What are you waiting for without participating now in the game Deadly Hunter so that you can rescue them and together fight the ferocious tigers that meet at the end of the road? Are you confident that you will overcome everything? At the beginning of the game, you are alone.

Move to the little crates and save your friends. Then overcoming thousands of deadly traps and ultimately the main goal is to destroy the tiger. There will be obstacles appearing as large hammers, alternating hammer obstructing the path of you and your teammates. You have the most ingenious observation you will be able to overcome.

When fighting the tiger please fight hard to use your strength to destroy your skills. Then you will pass the level. The more you fall in love with the deadly trap, the more skilled you are. I believe you will be able to get through it all. Luck will come to you in this game. The battle is extremely intense and risky will help players move their brains in the fastest way. The tiger is hunting. Don't piss it off. This will be bad for you. Only you can save your teammates.

Focus your best on this game Deadly Hunter. Why don't you share the cool match recommend your friends with your friends. Join now on the game to have adventurous moments together when fighting a giant tiger. Fun lets your buddies participate in a few more self-contained games like Troll Face Quest: Video Memes and TV Shows: Part 1

Instruction to play

Using a mouse can save your teammates.