Demon Killer

The human world is surrounded in darkness. Monsters and zombies are everywhere. We need to find a hero to save the world in Demon Killer. Who has the ability and confidence to save the world from this dark force? Join us in this game to help people's lives return to peace. You will have to destroy all monsters and zombies in a dark and dangerous dungeon. Zombies will slowly appear and move towards you in large numbers.

In the first turns of Demon Killer, you will have time to rest because the number of zombies is not too much. However, in the next turns, the number of zombies becomes extremely aggressive, they will appear more and in different locations in the tunnel. Your task is to shoot accurately at the target and make them destroyed immediately. You have to accurately shoot them in the head so that they quickly run out of energy and are killed.

You cannot kill the enemy in one shot, instead you will have to shoot again and again. So do your best to earn more points and buy advanced weapons to kill zombies more easily in Demon Killer. In addition, at higher levels, the speed of the game is also significantly faster. Enemies will run towards you continuously in large numbers, so you have to shoot accurately and quickly to destroy them all in one shot.

Advanced weapons can help you do this. Do you love this game? Don't hesitate to try some games like Bullet League Robogeddon.

Instruction to play

Shoot down all enemies by using your left mouse or touch on the screen for mobile or tablet.