Subway FPS

Terrorists are starting to build bases all over the city. Fight with other heroes in the online game Subway FPS. Play it now! More fun! We will have the opportunity to show many of our shooting skills. There are many weapons for you to experience. Keep updating those weapons continuously. Terrorists will come at any time, your task is to destroy them. Continuously aim and observe their movements and quickly shoot them down.

If you are late, they can kill you. You need to prepare yourself with iron spirits to fight. You need to do a lot of those attractive things. Observe well and do it most realistically. Attract many players to participate in the online game Subway FPS at shooting games. Share a lot of fun while participating. Are you ready to fight those enemies? Will you be able to fail or win? You will affirm to all the players your worth. How do you fight barbaric terrorists alone? All will make you extremely attractive. You will do very well at that. Addictive gameplay.

With more eye-catching graphics, you will make very unique paths. Move around and look for terrorists. Destroy them before they see you. Show your survival skills in this game. We are determined to fight to the end and don't forget to share all the fun with your friends. Would you like to get started right away? That feeling is really interesting. Simulate and simulate this game, you will find it very interesting. We need to use a lot of fighting skills. Start now, you will succeed! If you love this game, please play some other games such as Funny Shooter 2 and Kingdom Survivor.

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys and mouse to play.