Borr Magic Puzzle

Greeting to Borr Magic Puzzle, a collaborative puzzle-adventure game with an 8bit look and retro look that we think sure you will really acknowledge from start to finish, and it will challenge having a good imagination but rather brain power as well, making it all quite the transformative experience!

The goal that you must support Borr in having achieved level after threshold is to reach the potion, which is when the progression is cleared, while avoiding the beams of light emitted by the pillars because you will kick the bucket if you collide to them. Be cautious of various other impediments and traps deposited in your path.

To assist in resolving the laser issue, connect the hidden treasures and take the pivoting bonuses from them, which are tiles you consider placing over the pillars to shift the direction the lasers go in, creating a direct channel for the wizard to take. Simply click or swipe the direction you want having a good character should go. Each new level will reveal you with more difficult puzzles to rectify, but we're confident and with enough focus, you'll do just fine while having a lot of fun while doing so.

Discover your power while playing this game. You will need to share the fun and attractions with your friends. Invite them to enjoy some other games similar to Get the Word!

Instruction to play