Sweet Boom

Welcome to Sweet Boom, an excellent learning arcade game with beautiful graphics! Levels are completed by popping sweet candies. However, the number of clicks is limited, so keep that in mind. There are four types of candies that grow and burst when touched or hit by candies. There are more levels with different objects such as ice, firecrackers, and a bomb. They aid in the destruction of all sweet things.

Unlike the other game, you must think and plan to complete each level in this one. Your mission is to move the ball by clicking on it. To begin, click on a slime in the game; as you eliminate it, a portion of its slime will be splashed on other nearby slimes. As the levels rise, let us destroy all the slimes! Are you prepared? Best wishes!

This game suits all ages due to its simple rules and interesting gameplay. If you don’t know what to do in your spare time, let’s spend your time playing this game and you won’t regret it. Have the best gaming experience and enjoy more fun with Letter Boom Blast.

Instruction to play