Slope Extra

Slope Extra online game is a great ball-rolling game and you have to avoid obstacles on the ramps. This game is an amazing endless ball-rolling game. You control a rolling ball and it keeps accelerating. You try to go the longest distance without hitting obstacles and you will encounter new obstacles. Are you ready to start the game now? We can completely experience a lot of new, interesting, and extremely useful things.

You will find that the obstacle course game will give players a whole new playing technique. Trained in avoiding obstacles, and discovering a lot of new and interesting things. You need to be making unexpected moves. Enjoy the online game Slope Extra right away at You will feel very happy and excited. You will control the ball to move on the long-running road.

There are many dangers on the road. You will have to pass those distances deliciously. Remember to avoid all the obstacles and collect as many blue icons to increase your score. Are you ready to do that or not? You will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fun and lots of useful things. Train your technique to run faster and move more accurately. Get started now and discover lots of new things. The game has a lot of levels and how many will you pass?

It all depends on your ingenuity. Have fun playing and discover lots of surprises. If you want to hone your mobility skills, don't miss your chance to discover some other games similar to Pic Pie Puzzles Transports

Instruction to play

Use your mouse or touch the touchscreen.