Jungle Bricks

The story is about a forest boy who has a hobby of eating fruit. But the fruit is stored inboxes. You need to help him shoot down boxes to get the fruit to eat. Enjoy the online game Jungle Bricks now kizi com unblocked. You will be trained in a special fruit shooting technique. Start the game now. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for?

Start and experience a lot of love. Learn the rules of this game. Jungle Brick is a highly addictive game with a Jungle theme in which a boy in the forest collects a lot of fruit (like apples, grapes, cherries) in his pocket by breaking bricks. Aim and shoot marbles to break maximum blocks in one go to help Jungle boy earn more fruit. You need to break all bricks on the screen to complete the stage.

Enjoy the endless fun game of love and complete as many levels as possible to earn more and more points. You will use the mouse, drag the line to shape the arrow line on the screen to determine the position and extent of breaking the boxes. You will take the wall above to estimate and calculate so accurately. The game contains lots of fun puzzles. You have to answer a lot of puzzles. Become the best player with the highest number of correct answers.

Vivid graphic design, pictures of boxes, and fruits are very attractive. Immediately discover online games Jungle Bricks. Enjoy a few other games similar to Growing Fish and School Memory Deluxe

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play the game.