Squid hero impostor

Adventure in the online game Squid Hero Impostor. You will experience a lot of special things. And fight hard to be a perfect hero. You will surely be convinced by it. Discover now and what are you waiting for? We will start now! Learn the rules of the game now. Imagine you are lost in a territory. It was like a maze with many secret rooms. Those rooms are guarded by demons. They are very aggressive and cruel.

But that place holds a great treasure. You will search out the treasure and collect all the gold coins. You will also be in danger when searching for treasure. You will fight those villains to regain the territory. Enjoy the online game Squid Hero Impostor.You jump on the villains to destroy them. You need to be very careful because when you touch them you will lose your life and go back to the beginning.

When you kill them, you will receive a key to open the door and escape. The wicked will increase with each level. You need to be quick to do that. What would you wish for? In the end, you will kill all the enemies and become the hero. Do you still want to get started? All will have interesting things. You will conquer all those challenges.

Vivid graphic design, carefully built secret maze. The game has a lot of interesting things. Check with your friends for a lot of fun. More relaxing with this game! Ready to join some other games similar to Sort Among Them

Instruction to play

Use the WASD key or scroll key or touch the screen to play.