Sort Among Them

Some characters know how to swap identities and other parts to different positions. You need to bring them back to their original location. Would you like to get started right away with the Sort Among Them online game at Kizi online games. You will feel honored that you have made it to one of the best players. Let's start so as not to be confused.

Among Us characters are split into pieces and mixed with the pieces of their friends. Solve this puzzle and match the characters. Each level will have a different number of characters. Each character will be divided into 3 or 4 different puzzle pieces. They will swap puzzle positions with each other. Your task will be to use the picker to filter the pieces of the same color together. Pieces of the same color will form a complete character.

Wish you success when participating in Sort Among Them online game at You will feel quite busy playing this game. You will pick up continuously to arrange and choose the right colors according to the theme. You can change the position often, the end result is all the same theme. You will absolutely be able to do that. The game has many levels, each level will increase in difficulty to challenge you. You will win and score the highest numbers in this game.

Our characters will share a very special color. There will be many colors to make the game more attractive. You will be challenged more by picking different real positions. Let's experience some other games similar to Waterpark Slide Race

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play the game.