Epic Roll

Have been you slightly higher compared for with an epic journey with Epic Roll? In the game, your character is on a looooooooong platform with numerous challenges and special items. All you need to do is to install the game and engage in it. You are about to enter a mysterious world of games.

Make immediate advances and continue to remain on the framework at the starting point of the game. Gather up gold and special items towards becoming invincible in a relatively short amount of time on the platform. You lose the game if you make contact the obstacles. Make good money to gain entry to new characters. Beat other players' records by completing the activity as far as feasible while trying to dodge pits and traps! Continue on that hadn't ever road. Let's get started!

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Instruction to play

The game is controlled by one touch of the mouse/screen on the phone.

Tap the screen when you need to turn aside and avoid falling into pits and traps.