Cat vs Rats

Mouse robot is invading all the lands of cat territory. So what do the cats need to do? They need to rise to be able to take down all these robots. All have been led by the king and queen of rats. Very difficult for cats to destroy. But agile cats defend themselves and their main product use is their speed. Join now in the game Cat vs Rats at Kizi to kill all the evilest rat robots on the planet. You will have to drag and drop then the cat will fly to the location of these mice and destroy them. This is a game with very simple gameplay. But for you to control the speed and the best aim is not an easy thing.

Because rats have all these protective shields around them. You need to observe and use your wisdom in the most intelligent way. Then think about which way to shoot the cat is suitable to help both destroy these mice and bring you victory. Have fun and unlock lots to the next level. The later, the more obstacles protect the robot mouse. But with a new vision, you can destroy all these characters. There will also be other mice moving. Don't touch these. You will have to finish the game immediately.

Hurry up with your friends to explore together for an extremely interesting cat and mouse game genre Cat vs Rats to find yourself a lot of relaxation when participating in this entertaining game. Discover a few other similar entertainment game genres like Square Jet 

Instruction to play

use the mouse to be able to shoot all the cats.