Kid Maestro

Kid Maestro now Kizi games musical is a fun music game where you can play the piano. Follow the star and click on the piano keys to pick up the sound. It's a fun and funny game. You can play all the popular kids' music at this moment. Practice on your piano and have fun. You will experience a lot of fun in this game. Relaxing games help players more fun, reduce stress in life. The game is suitable for all ages, especially children.

Surely they will feel very fond of participating in this game. You can absolutely feel very excited. Because the sweet melodies of the music will be presented in your own style by you. Practice relaxing and surfing on the frets, drag, mi, fa, son, la, si ... Just practice on other songs and have more fun.

You will play well with all the good and interesting music. Vibrant graphic design, the fretboard image will be displayed on the screen. You will simply use your mouse to click on sound positions to create musical effects. It is important to play good music that you have to know the notes alone. When you practice many times, you will master and play the piano very well. Do you want to challenge yourself with the ability to conquer professional pianists?

Be ready and do it. Would you like to be played and transformed into a good song? Do not miss the opportunity to join the online Kid Maestro game. It would be great if you could join some other games similar to Happy Children's Day 2020 Puzzle and Falling Flowers. The game will help you relax more. in life.

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play.