Heart Box

Dodge thousands of obstacles to get your box safely home now. Are you ready to get started with it? Participating in the game Heart Box at Kizi strategy games you will be trained for yourself countless interesting skills that have not been learned anywhere. Give your box which has all the experimental puzzle rooms of the professor to be able to free him from this charger.

Get ready to use your smart brain and conquer all the exciting missions. Use the properties of 20 physics objects to be able to complete all the most difficult puzzles. Using obstacles and traps ahead is where you can bring your box to the finish line as quickly as possible. If you know how to use these obstacles as useful tools, that's a good thing. Otherwise, you will be hindered on your way.

Use your smart call to solve as well as solve all the puzzles. Helping these obstacles is a tool that can bring your box to a very interesting top score, right? Try to use your observations to combine as many actions as possible to play with a box. Return to the finish line with very funny heart shapes. luck will come to you right now in the game Heart Box.

Why don't you share such a fun game with all your friends so that together you can unlock and the funniest boxes with colorful colors. You can completely explore a few other similar box control game genres like Wizard's Treasure

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to help the box move to the finish line as quickly as possible.