Cups And Balls

Concentration is a necessity when it comes to the challenge of the game Cups And Balls at Kizi fun game. You can have fun without having to worry about paying any money. Let's have fun with the ball now. There will be three crates appear, your ball will be hidden in these three crates. The difficult thing is that these three buckets are moved around in a messy and fast exchange rate. So how do you remember which boat contains the ball and find it?

This you need to equip yourself with a few skills. Observe and be smart in this challenge. If you don't concentrate, you can't find it anywhere that contains a ball. Use your agile eyes to keep a close eye on each of these three moves. Every time you find a box without a shadow you will bring yourself some points. How many levels of the game can you overcome?

The later the speed of rotation of the barrels is greater. It's difficult for you to identify them all. Do not worry you will accomplish everything with the ability of your wisdom. Have fun with the crates and get a few more great things behind the scenes waiting for you to discover.

Why not recommend an engaging game Cups And Balls for your friends. Invite your friends to join right now into the game to be able to join with the latest challenge. If you are impressed with this game, there are many other similar games 2 Dots Challenge and Amaze!!! 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to conquer the challenges of the game.