Pac Chef

Feel the chef's job when you join the online game Pac Chef at Kizi free online games. Accept the challenges as soon as you join this game. We are fully capable of serving our customers perfectly. Would you like to get started? Together we will be in the latest version of the master chef internship. What are you waiting for? Press the button and start this game right away. Help your chef prepare delicious meals for his restaurant!

Collect all coins and ingredients to complete the recipe and complete the level. Avoid the enemy chefs that will try to put a spoke on the wheel! The ingredients of the formula will give you a special power to get rid of them! You will play with 2 opponents. The chef's job is to make delicious food and also have to be quick to deliver it to the customer's table. They will have to race. The race of exciting chefs.

Play now the online game Pac Chef. You will be caught up in the chef's game. The chefs are running on their feet and taking lots of dishes according to customers' orders. The work is not too difficult but you will be under pressure. Other cooks are not good, stay away from them. They will spill food or slow you down. It's best to go up a different path.

The game has a lot of levels, you will get many dishes or not thanks to your ingenuity. Invite your friends to play and if they like it, invite them to some other games similar to Chicken Egg Challenge

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to move.