Star Maze

Star Maze online game is a challenging game with 100 levels. Draw your way through a maze in this beautiful puzzle game! Move through the maze to color your tiles and collect all the stars. You will fall in love with it the first time you play it. Are you ready to start the fun while playing this game? Experience a lot of joy and happiness. You will show your flexibility when playing.

You will control the ball to move in the maze and collect all the gold stars. But the ball flies very fast, high speed. It only stops when there is an obstacle. So you need to choose a reasonable stop position to get closer to the stars. The game will bring you a lot of attraction. Enjoy the fun as soon as you join the online game Star Maze at Many new and unique things will be present in this game. Y

ou will have more discoveries and new experiences. You need to be focused to have a playing strategy. Each level will be a very interesting experience. Each level is a fun puzzle for players to express their creativity while playing. There are many ways to complete the task, but each person will show it in their way. The gameplay is very rich. Are you ready to step into this game or not?

Feel a lot of surprises and fun when participating in the game. The graphics design is very eye-catching, and you will fall in love. To practice more skills, play some other games similar to Connect Master - Classic Game

Instruction to play

Swipe to move the ball and collect stars.