Jumper Rabbit

Little bunny's challenging adventure who wants to explore the blue sky. The rabbit wants to go high and experience new things in the sky. Do you want to have a companion? Willing to join the online game Jumper Rabbit at puzzle. You will have the opportunity to fly high into the sky and make friends with beautiful clouds. Do you want to adventure with the rabbit?

We are going to have a very good time. Start and challenge your dexterity. Looking for interesting things after entering this game. What are you waiting for? What are the rules of the game? Jump over platforms and collect carrots along the way. Click the mouse to adjust the power and release to jump the Rabbit. Collect carrots along the way. Don't hit the birds and the blades.

Very simple rules will make it easy for you to join this game. The game can be called an obstacle course with lots of new and lovely challenges. You are ready to pass the knife and the bird will harm you. Take your time and observe to choose the right time to soar on the platforms. You will be timely and trained in all the dangers. Vivid graphic design, high sky with floating clouds will make you feel excited. How far will you go? How many stairs have been searched and how many carrots have been collected? It all depends on your ingenuity.

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Instruction to play