Ball 2048!

Pause the old versions of ball racing. We will enter a game where all are unique versions. Don't miss the chance to join the Ball 2048 online game! The game will make all players love it. It will happen! The multi-colored wave balls make players vibrate. To win in this game, we will look for its rules of play.

You will practice very quickly and improve a lot of problems. If you get the same number of balls, it will be bigger. Sum up to 2048, get the most, get the highest score. Touch the screen to control the ball to move left and right. The same numbers can be combined and added to increase the score. You will roll left to right for your ball to meet and roll other balls with you. You will get an increase in score. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the online game Ball 2048 now! at You will be flying on a quite new but challenging road. All fragile balls will have to go through challenges. Sharp spikes are being placed on the road. You will do meaningful things to help the ball move forward and not get in the way. Just like that, you will bring the ball as far as you can to the destination. The last jump will be the answer to your whole play. There will be a lot of point ladders, which line you will touch is the score.

Get ready to experience this exciting game. Enjoy a lot of fun. Attractive colorful graphic design, you will love it. To practice more skills, you can try some other games similar to Freecolor.

Instruction to play

Use a mouse or touch the screen to control the ball.