Mini Arrows

Experience exciting levels when playing the game to find your way home for the green score. With a very simple way to play, Mini Arrows online game at Kizi cool fun games will bring players many highlights. You are ready to join the game. Overcome many obstacles to help the character return home safely. Very attractive, isn't it? Start right now!

Mini Arrows is a retro-style platformer where you guide a blob character to his goal; on and off arrow blocks depending on the level you change direction and impact on the character, use the arrows to move the character wisely. You will need to be really sharp to change the direction of the arrows. That is the foundation for the green score to pass easily. There are places where you will need to jump high. Any challenge easy or difficult depends on your agility.

When the road is completely cleared, the green point will be returned home. You have scored the number of points in the shortest time. The stopwatch runs very fast, don't worry stay calm to overcome the challenges. It's great to know the Mini Arrows online game. You will conquer all the challenges that are said to be the hardest. The game has 27 levels, speed running mode, nostalgic style graphics and addictive music. You'll be immersed in the eye-catching graphics, immersive sound, and paced experience of the game.

A very fascinating feeling is going on in this place. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to play and relax today. Don't forget to try some other games like Witch Magic Aacademy.

Instruction to play

Space or left click to switch the state of the arrows.