Sword King

If you are feeling too bored with the genre of old games, join the game Sword King at Kizi fighting games right away to enjoy new things you never had before. You can play this game for free on your browser. Starting the game, you will have the opportunity to choose the sword to participate in the battlefield. There are different types of swords depending on your preferences choosing what you want.

After that you will start your battle, your mission in this game is to create a circle and collect swords around. To be able to do that is a challenge for you because around you there are many obstacles. If your circle touches them, it will be broken. So you need to watch and move your sword skillfully so you can collect more swords without being ruined by obstacles. Creating a powerful circle cannot be destroyed. How long you can live?

It all depends on your wisdom. There are many levels behind waiting for you to discover trying to fight destroying enemies and collecting yourself many points to be able to become the winner of today. There are many mysteries behind waiting for you to discover. Let's challenge your intellect and train yourself more skills in the game.

Don't forget to share the cool things you get from the game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today so you can get the most engaging sword fight ever. now. If you are impressed with this game genre, you can completely join some other similar game genres like Fat Hooks and Enter The Dungeon 

Instruction to play