WORLDS Builder

WORLDS Builder is a building world simulation game in which you start everything from your bare hands. Unlike other games that you will start farming and building right away you step into the game world, this game requires you to create the planet from the powerful forces of nature including earth, stone, fire, life, sand, water, and grass. You combine and make use of these elements to bring life to your world.

Creating resources is important because it fuels your product buildings to make good and you can sell products to earn money. And money to keep building and so on. This process repeats during the game and all stages are connected. On, you will have a chance to discover the secrets of evolution because you are the one who creates these things. The more elements you create, the bigger world you build.

Expand your land and create various life forms to beautify and enrich your world. Everything works under your command. You have all powers to decide how a volcano fires up, how a mountain erects, how a forest expands, how a farm develops, and so on. That also means you have a lot of responsibilities and pressure. Working hard and you will get a great achievement. Life is in your hand.

Evolve from ancient times to modern times, raise a mighty civilization, and develop the best world ever. This game has more than you think. Explore it and you may be surprised. You can play this game along with Hanger HTML5 and Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy 

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to build your own world.