Box Size

Get ready for one of the hardest games playing Box Size. You can turn a box into larger sizes. There are too many difficulties in this game, you need to challenge yourself more. Experience the skills of transforming the magic box to fit the given problem positions. Find the right size and pass challenging levels in this challenging cube game. You will love this game the first time you play it.

The game with skills requires players to be very agile, good observation, and timely navigation to have the opportunity to overcome those challenges. Only with the magic box, you can practice a lot of skills. Focus on studying those attractions when participating in the online game Box Size at The boxes will be transformed magically when adjusted by you. They need to fall in different sizes. You will look at the positions below quickly to be able to estimate the size of the box and stop at the right time.

If the box fits in the falling position you will win, otherwise, if it is too small or too big you will have to play again. You will need what we will discover together a lot in this fascinating game. Let's conquer all those exciting challenges together. Prove to everyone that you feel more than these unique things. Fascinating with unique gameplay. The new version of the multi-size magic box requires you to be quick. You will discover all the interesting skills in this game. Together we will do a lot of interesting things.

The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. There are many more interesting games, I'm sure you will like some other games like Food Venture Master

Instruction to play

How to play: Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.