Angry Shark Online

The shark is scary. If you want to discover a shark game, don't miss the opportunity to participate in a new game right now Angry Shark Online. Try playing this game online for free on your computer or mobile browsers. Play a game with a ferocious shark below. Their goal is to destroy all pay the whole city. It has crazy actions like eating people here, boats, planes and a lot of other things. How do you survive it?

You will not survive because it moves very fast and the teeth are sharp. Take control of the shark collecting as many people here as possible. Swim freely to destroy everything without fear of any difficulties. Bring yourself a high score when you go away. Can you pass the level with the highest score?

I believe everything is simple for you. Enjoy swimming and do what you want this game. More relaxing entertainment with the shark. Were you attracted to the game the first time you joined it? Try to complete the mission without any damage. All those challenges are only in the game Angry Shark Online. Remember to share this great shark fighting game for your friends.

Join your friends now to join the game to have the opportunity to transform into gigantic sharks with absolute destructive power. There are also loads of other interesting match games like Elf Defence and Pet Runner. Would you like to join now? 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to eat people.