Knife Up

In real life, do you dare to throw a knife on something, a target board for example? It’s dangerous, isn’t it? However, with Knife Up at kizi best games, you are safe and have a great gaming time. Unlike other games at the same genre where you have to throw as many knives as you can to earn points and level up. Here, you have to throw a knife as many times as possible to set a record, then you can break your own record. There is no target board placed in the center of the screen like other games.

There are some many platforms as targets set along two sides of the screen. And you will process from the bottom of the screen to the top. By throwing a knife on these platforms from this side to that side and along the way, you cut the apples or just ignore them because the game doesn’t require you to collect these apples. You have to throw your knife right in the target.

Try to aim and throw at the right time to avoid throwing to the gaps between 2 platforms Besides, the main target that you should pay attention to is the green parts. With one hit in the green part, you get 100 points and one hit through the apple, you earn 1 point. That’s it. The rule is simple.

Let’s play and see what is the highest score can you get. You should know that many fun games are available on our site. Check out Human Runner 3d  and Twisty Road if you search for something new and entertaining. 

Instruction to play

Click to throw your knife.