Playing game is fun but playing games with other players is much more fun. is a cool game where you compete against other online players and try to win over them in the life and death battle. Here at Kizi, it’s not a battle royale game. It’s a multiplayer io game and your main objective here is to dominate the leaderboard as the last survivor.

Before jumping on the battlefield, you can choose your favorite character from several options. You can be a Teutonic Knight holding a sword or a Viking holding an ax and so on. Each character has their own armor, weapon, and shield but they are the same in terms of power. So, feel free to choose one without worrying that you chose a weak character and you have more disadvantages than other players.

No, the strength of the characters is the same but you can increase your strength by collecting as many colorful dots on the map as possible. By collecting those items, you can boost your power and level up. This helps you dish out more damage in each attack and defeat enemies much easier. You can walk around the map or find a horse and have a ride. You also can find a shield to protect yourself. It’s better to attack your enemies from their backs.

With this strategy, they can’t turn back and make a counterattack. If you meet someone who has a higher level than yours, try to run away from them to save your life and focus on collecting dots to level up. Have fun and you know what? You can find tons of games on our site to play for free. Some of the best ones are Dungeon .ro and

Instruction to play

Mouse to move, left mouse to attack.