Cycle Sprint

Bicycle racing with many opponents and testing in many countries will give you a lot of fun. Start racing now with Cycle Sprint online game. You will find everything is simple if you try. The bike race of the century and winning the championship were brilliant. Things won't be easy because it's a competition. Let's try to discover together as much fun playing this game. Customize your cyclist and perfect your bike for a thrilling adventure!

Compete in Italy, France, and Spain. Win all 63 races and claim your spot on the podium! All the surprises are on the next level. Let's play and explore with friends! The world bike racing version with more players than the old versions. You will control the character cycling through all the opponents to the finish line. Enjoy the online game Cycle Sprint now. You will participate in a super ultimate race and you will have a great experience with your friends.

Your task is to race and cycle as fast as possible to the finish line. You will move up and down to avoid all other runners. Do not collide with them or you will slow down. Find the gaps to get ahead quickly and reach the finish line faster than your opponent. The game has a lot of interesting things and many levels. How many levels will you pass to reach the destination successfully? You are completely capable of doing that.

Join this exciting game now. The gameplay is simple, interesting, and engaging. You will love it the first time you play it. If you want to play more, invite your friends to enjoy some other games similar to 2D Dark Racing

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to play.