Do you want to become a leader of a land? If so, you should never hesitate to start right away with the game Cowboy at free online Games kizi so you can enjoy great things. This is an online game that you can absolutely play for free on mobile phones. When starting the game appears with a cowboy and your mission in this game is to control the cowboy to collect the buffalo that the game requires. But you can do that is not simple because you only have one wire to use throughout this challenge.

So you need to equip yourself with those skills that are observation and really be smart in controlling the strings so that you can collect the buffaloes that the game requires of the fastest way without wasting the most time trying to win the challenge of this game to become a good player best of today and regaining your high score. You can sell animals to upgrade the length with the width of the rope. A great thing is that the game doesn't need time. So you don't need to worry too much to know that you have wisdom. I firmly believe that you will get through it all.

Let's challenge yourself in the game Cowboy at Don't forget to share this excitement with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to get moments together and get the chance to become the luckiest player. If you love this kind of game, you can join some similar games like Basketball School and Golf Blast.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play.