Protect Emojis

Welcome to Protect Emojis online game. Are you ready to rescue the dangerous smiley faces? Those fun guys will have an accident if the demonic balls attack them. You need to help them stay away from those things. Let's play and conquer lots of new and exciting challenges. You will need to have more engaging experiences. You need to do and have more new experiences!

Looking at these smiling emoticons they are in danger of demonic balls ready to attack them. Draw lines to protect the emoticons, you will need all your wisdom and imagination. Time to help them! Can you protect them? Invite your friends to the Protect Emojis online game. You'll have a lot of fun. Draw contours to protect the smiley face.

It sounds very simple but you need to know those rules. You will use the mouse to draw lines around the smiley face, and draw triangles or arcs. But make sure that the image is connected, not interrupted. If interrupted, the smiley face will not be safe. Would you like to get started now? We can completely discover new things in this game. We will play lively, fun, and relaxing. Don't look at the clock, draw according to your feelings. The smiling faces were having fun, they were afraid to meet the magic ball that would make them suffocate.

Are you ready to start those things? The smiley face rescue adventure is extremely attractive. Enjoy those pleasures now. If you love this game, you can play some other similar games like Friday Night Funki Big Brother

Instruction to play

Use a mouse or touch screen to play.