Ice Fishing

What will be your most significant catch? Locate the Ideal Location. Choose the Proper Bait. Don't really move to pull the float; patience is a sure way to success. In this Ice Fishing game, you could perhaps relax and enjoy the positive energy. Most importantly, there is fishing, excitement, and beauty. With realistic 3D graphics, you'll notice as if you're on a real fishing trip, holding your fishing rod and battling a big fish! You will be paid for each fish caught. You can use this money to buy new bait and rods.

Use the large arrows in the higher and lower right corners of the screen to catch. A warning about the tension of the fishing line will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. If the fishing line is under a lot of tension, the green color will turn red. The fishing line may snap, causing you to lose the caught fish. You could really switch out lures, fishing rods, and fishing spots. You will be paid for each fish you catch. You can employ this money to buy new bait and rods.

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Instruction to play

In game