Bird Eggs Rescue

The eggs of birds are in danger. What will you do to save it? Join the online game Bird Eggs Rescue at kizi for free to become the hero to save the eggs in danger. You will help the mother put the eggs on the nest to avoid all dangers. What are you waiting for? You will do all that well. Although there are many obstacles are above. You will need to use jump steps to be able to climb higher and stay away from hazards.

Bird Eggs Rescue is not only a video game but also an adventure game with animated 2D animation effects. You need to control the yellow bird to transport eggs from the lower nest to the higher nest used to protect them. You can collect as many gold coins as possible during egg transport.

You will learn how to fly high like birds and you will save all the eggs below. Play the role of the mother bird and enjoy more fun. The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you reach and how many gold coins will you earn? It all depends on your ingenuity. If you love flying, you will accomplish that task.

Graphic design lively, you will be in the forest with lovely yellow birds. Try to help them save the eggs in danger. Invite friends to join the game and do not forget to share the joy with them. It would be great if you could join some other games similar to Number! and Perfect Ninja Slices. Enjoy the fun! 

Instruction to play

Arrow keys