Perfect Ninja Slices

The goal of this new called Perfect Ninja Slices is to perform with the master skills of using the knives. Not only is it an arcade game that is fun and challenging but it also provides a platform for the players to show off their skills. Thanks to a slicing simulation innovation on 3D platforms, you will control a knife and chop all the pieces on the board.

To gain scores, you have to slice and cut up as many foods as possible. However, it's not just about chopping down the pieces. You will have to dodge the obstacles that can break the knife. On the table, you will find tons of different ingredients such as meats, fruits, vegetables. The most important techniques required for this game are the estimation skills, the ability to choose the right timing and a good reflex. How long can you keep chopping?

If you manage to raise the best record for chopping during a long period, your name and scores will be shown on the main Leaderboard alongside the best players from all around the globe. Strive to continuously chop down and overcome the random obstacles on the road! It's the endless fun road trip that you can enjoy without a single cost! Continue exploring other fun games such as Number! and Sushi Ninja now! 

Instruction to play

Hold and release the mouse to chop and stop.