Run Into Death

A fierce fight between you and the zombies in a dark and dangerous place. Will you do well on those missions? Join the online game Run Into Death now Kizi 4. Together we will accept the challenge and have more fun living in this game. There are many things that really surprise you. Later you will find more new. Try to survive and get your hands on the last levels.

Ready to experience the challenges in the game? You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Find out the rules of the game right now? Begin to explore! Zombies are coming but you only have one gun, can you protect your homeland? Try to destroy all zombies and stay alive for as long as you can in this scary zombie shooting game. Click or click to aim and shoot.

You will have to observe quickly while watching and shooting fierce enemies coming towards you. Their forces are very crowded, you will need to reinforce your morale and shoot continuously. Want to survive and win in this game. You have no other way to fight. Shoot together and destroy all opponents. You are alone, that will be difficult. The ferocious people follow a large herd, they move very fast. You will have to stay calm and find the fastest way to solve puzzles.

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Instruction to play

Use the mouse.