Fluffy Story 2

Fun and fun games that make you feel very lovely and relaxing. Welcome to the online game Fluffy Story 2 at Kizi love games online. You will become a matchmaker to help two guys who can overcome all difficulties to be together. You will love it for the first time. Are you ready to embark on a great love story?

The story of two guys in love who just want to be together. But to achieve this, like Romeo and Juliet, they need to overcome many barriers. Your task is to bring them closer together. There are many puzzles in each level. They will have to hang on high ropes in the woods or on cliffs. You will need to use logic to cut the ropes in time, rescue the boy so they fall and meet each other.

Cutting wire can sometimes be difficult, cutting one or two at the same time is your option. Think carefully to find the right decision. Help them feel beautiful love. With vivid graphic design, very lovely image, the two boys are in the colorful forest of plants and flowers. They yearned to be close but hung up high. How many levels will you pass and help them be closer together?

It all depends on your ingenuity. If you love Fluffy Story 2 online game. You will pass a lot of other similar games Transportation Vehicles Memory and ‎Alarmy & Monster Family. Invite your friends to join this game, you will gain to the point of good logical thinking. The game is relaxing, you will find it interesting to play. 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to win.