Halloween Snake and Blocks

Halloween Snake and Blocks is an exciting, fast paced arcade that you can play. The orange snake is in harm's way. In the game Halloween Snake and Blocks, you will assist her in trying to escape. On the screen in front of you, your snake will be observable. You can control its actions via the control keys. When a signal is given, colored blocks will immediately start to fall from the sky. The entered numbers will be observable within them. You must initiate your snake's movement around in the playing field.

Your responsibility is to prevent the snake from coming into contact with the blocks. She will die if she even touches one of them. On the playing field, red dots and golden celestial objects will be found in various locations. You must help make sure that your snake needs to collect these items. Points will be conferred for their classification in the game.

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Instruction to play

Drag your mouse or finger to move your snake.