Rope Rescue Puzzle

Join the rescue mission to become a hero with one of Rope Rescue Puzzle online games. You will become the best rope thrower in history. A free simple game that gives you unique and fascinating puzzles. All you need to do in this easy game is pull the rope to save them all from the fire. Very attractive, has lots of fun, and is addictive for everyone. You will play precisely because your mission requires precision down to the meter. You will play the role of a lifeguard who comes to rescue innocent people in the fire. We will improve a lot of interesting features in this game. Are you ready to push yourself and challenge yourself in Rope Rescue Puzzle online game at your many new features. We will break through with a very unique way of playing.

You will use the long rope to make a rescue tool. Connect the wire to the right spot where the ambulance is waiting. On a mission to get the very scared innocent people down to the ambulance so that they can be taken care of. You will find everything very interesting. All will have the opportunity to experience a lot of new rescue techniques. Maybe when in reality we need to apply those same things. Play and have fun. Try to reach the finish line. You will perform many of the most efficient functions. Very interesting graphic design, realistic images, and vivid sound. We will do a lot of rescue techniques. You will perform a lot of new missions. Practice some other skills when playing a game similar to Stumble Boys Sliding Puzzle and Math Memory Match.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play.