Cook And Decorate

Select all the dishes that your customers ask for when giving pictures. Then you need to arrange it on a plate to help them get a favorite dish. All of those great things are only in the game Cook And Decorate. Come to this game, you can completely entertain with all the tasks.

First, a lot of customers will come to your deli to buy food. They will ask what kind of food they want. Then you need to sort them into giving them. Finish selling food to customers. Then you need to rearrange your kitchen. You can buy some extra food and use the game offer with the money you earn from selling food. You need to decorate a lot of wonderful and interesting things in this kitchen. Buy a lot of extra food to make the party even grander.

Combine as much observation of your hands as possible. A kitchen decoration cooking game that exposes you to amazingly delicious food. Build your dream kitchen by cooking like a real chef. You will be able to create a kitchen with the color you love. Do you like your kitchen blue or yellow? Choose from a wide variety of objects and details to create the perfect kitchen. With your cooking skills, you can completely conquer many of the mysteries of the game.

Let's share with all your friends to participate in this game Cook And Decorate so that together you can show off your cooking skills as well as decorate the kitchen beautifully. Enjoy a few more cooking game genres in different like My Pizza Outlet 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to choose all that you desire.