Stick Duel: The War

The Stick Duel series will continue with The War. You can play 1P against with the computer or 2P against someone else real player, and before you start, you must select a developer, which is a map rather than arena, and then you can choose whatever weapon you would really like to fight with: AK-47, Pistol, Bazooka, Shotgun, and Uzi.

After being ejected into the arena, the goal is simple: throw or hit another stickman however many times as required to deplete their yellow dot, and if you do so first, you win, but be meticulous, as they will try to accomplish the same. The individual who takes two rounds of thirty wins the war. Much fun!

We are always updating new games for players from all over the world with different ages. You are ready for the difficult challenges of this game and other similar games like Castle Keeper

Instruction to play

Player 1: Uses Arrow keys to move and jump & L to hit.

Player 2: Uses WASD to move and jump & F to hit.