Are you ready for this new multiplayer game where you will compete with other players from all around the world to show your best shot? It's a spin-off from the classic pool game, which means that the players will find the resemblance in gameplay and theme. Each player has his or her own set of colored balls. Your task is to find your set on the table, aim with the stick and push the white ball so as to make your set fall into the basket.

The game even allows you to choose your favorite color among two options. Other than to shoot them into the ball bag as fast as you can, you need to steer clear of opponent's balls. If you push the opponent's ball into the basket, the turn will be his or her.

Keep in mind that you can only gain score by shooting your own set of the colored balls. If you manage to pocket all of your balls first, you shall be the winner! Another rule that you should pay attention to is that when you fail to finish your turn, the next one will be other opponent's.

This game will sharpen your shooting skill, aiming and estimation techniques and the ability to come up with a good strategy. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends to enjoy the best summer game without any cost! There are plenty of other excellent choices from this category such as Nightpoint.io and Leader War that you can dive right into! 

Instruction to play

Drag and release the mouse to aim and shoot the ball.