Emoji Stack

Are you a fan of arcade genre games? If so, the game Emoji Stack at free kizi games will definitely make you feel as satisfied as possible. This is a scrolling game with endless smiley balls that you can play online for your own browsers. At the beginning of the game, you will appear with your ball and the colored blocks will be serialized into long lines and your task in this game is to move your ball straight down under the colors but not black. But one tricky thing is that the black boulders and your colors are connected together.

Therefore, being able to move without them is not a simple thing. requires you to have the most careful and careful observation of turning that long shape into different places so that it can help the ball get into the right places. If you are unlucky to move this ball into black parts, your game will end in failure. If you move it straight below and in other colors, you will win this challenge. Black pieces are also bad luck for you. Try to move the ball to the colorful colors to bring you glory and not touch the black to not be broken.

Let's experience more things in the game Emoji Stack. Don't keep it to yourself but share the joys you have with a game for your friends who are your friends to play the game today for the chance to Discover the Balls Playful smiley. Why don't you challenge yourself to participate in some other similar game genre Mathematics Line and Leap

Instruction to play

Control: mouse.