Cheese Route

Are you ready to test your brain in the best way? And great if you challenge yourself and the game Cheese Route to get there. At the beginning of the game, you will appear with the mouse and your task in this game is to draw lines the little rat can get to where the mother mouse is, but one thing to note is that the location of the pups and the stars are very far apart and they are in a messy arrangement.

Overcoming this difficult challenge, so you need to have the observation and use all your intelligence in the game to be able to win. You need to draw a correct path if you draw a slightly curved path and make the mouse unable to move, your game will end in failure.

Let's draw straight and easy lines. To get the little mouse back to its mother. Collect the three stars that the game makes you will definitely become the leader of this game and pass the level. The game has many different levels waiting for you to discover. Let's experience and solve puzzles from the game brought to you. Moreover, the game also has obstacles that hinder the way.

So let's challenge your brain more in the game Cheese Route. Do not forget to share a fascinating game for your friends and invite them to join the game today to be able to challenge your brain to become smarter. Like this game, let's join some other interesting games like Xmas Pipes and Pizza Ninja Mania

Instruction to play

You can use the mouse to draw.