Do you find scary zombies or not? You won't be scared of them if you know how to fight. Join Zombeat.io online game to show strength and fight with lots of dangers. You will love this game for the first time. What are you waiting for? Discover it all now and you will know many fighting techniques.

Zombeat.io is not only an arcade game but also a multiplayer IO game with 2D game art animation as a practical matter. You need to control your zombies to eat other zombies and avoid dangerous situations on time in changing colors in real-time. Grow and dominate this Halloween in Zombeat.io! You will play with many opponents and you must be very agile and flexible to kill lots of zombies. Are you completely confident about your abilities?

Let's begin and complete those difficult challenges. Enjoy the fun now! Online games with lots of players. Therefore, you need to be very quick to be able to kill many zombies and overcome the dangers on the road. You will have a guide map, you will know the hiding places of scary zombies. You will get lost in a carnival full of scary zombies.

Vivid graphic design will help you feel really fascinated by an evil space. Everything looks horrible. The walking zombies, they are moving towards you. Join friends in the game and do not forget to share the joy with them. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Table Tug.io and Waterpark.io 

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys and mouse