Rotating Cube

Get ready for a crazy spin on a colorful platform in the online game Rotating Cube. Discover the thrill of playing this game. Get a high score in this game as long as you find the game to have a lot of charm. Training agility and good reflexes are the content of this game. They want to forge your agility. I want you to be a very skilled person when things go wrong. Your task is to pick up the correct balls in the compartment of the box.

It's not too difficult but you need to do it well. We can perfectly pass the assigned tasks. Bring your friends to play with you and share the fun with them by participating in the online game Rotating Cube at Do you want to get started now? Overcome all the challenges and show the agility of your mind. Feel a lot of new and unexpected things. Do you want to experience more?

You will control the box to rotate wildly in all directions and can change positions to allow the ball to return to its correct position. The balls will continuously start and bring your challenge. You will have to look quickly and constantly change direction for you to have a chance to overcome those obstacles. We will be implementing all of those innovations together. Are you ready to move on to these exciting skills?

With rich gameplay, you will learn a lot of different skills. You will compete with other players to see who will be the fastest. Enjoy some more games similar to Spiny Maze Puzzle if you want to test your speed. 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play the game.